If you need to troubleshoot a problem, add a ceiling fan or switch a fluorescent fixture to LED, our technicians can meet your need while respecting your property at a reasonable price. Our services include the following:


When you need a good electrician to visit your home and listen to you describe your electrical issue, and then investigate and solve it, Zuercher Electric Company is who you should call. We handle all electrical jobs, no matter how small, because even with small jobs, trying to install or repair something yourself can result in serious injury, fire, or worse. Call us, because we are the experts. Electricity is not something to take lightly. Besides safety, which is always our priority, we always respect our customer’s property by working in a clean and efficient maimer, and not leaving until the job is done.


Our technicians have all the proper training and experience to handle electrical service, repairs, and installations for our customers for light commercial projects. We understand that you must keep your business running, so we arrive at your location prepared with the tools and supplies we need, including data and communications equipment, to minimize your downtime for your business due to electrical issues.

Central Vacuum

We sell, install during construction, and maintain Vacuflo central vacuum systems, which provide a high-powered, centralized, semi-permanent alternative to lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner around your new home or business. Our systems include piping that we hide within the walls, which connect to discreet inlets in individual rooms. The inlets are designed to accommodate various attachments and accessories for cleaning. For most installations, we place the central unit in the garage or basement.


We sell and install during construction of your new home or business Generac generators. When outages occur, generators ensure you have continuous power. This means you can remain in your home comfortably, without losing power to refrigerators, medical equipment, or temperature-control systems, until the outage is over. We can install the system to activate automatically when the power goes out. Alternatively, we can install a manual switch, if that is more suitable for the customer.

Lighting Controls

Create drama, add functionality, and enhance mood with professionally-installed lighting controls. Lighting controls can also work in conjunction with home security systems and remote devices to provide security, remote control, and automation. Our technicians are trained by manufacturers and CEDIA for lighting control installation.


With our whole-home audio systems, you never have to feel that you must turn up the volume in just one room, or carry a Bluetooth speaker from room to room, again! We install home audio systems that deliver music to every room. Our technicians arrange and mount speakers carefully and thoughtfully in an aesthetically pleasing manner. And then we add all the necessary controls, such as volume, source of music, and an equalizer to manage levels.

Home Theater

Increase the value and enjoyment of your home with a professionally installed home theater! Our technicians are trained by manufacturers and the Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) for home theater installation.